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Climbing for Christ Philippines - A Light for Les-eng

A Light for Les-eng is a mission climb of Climbing for Christ Philippines.

Les-eng is located in Kibungan, Benguet. The group will traverse the mountainous area of Poblacion, Kibungan and exiting in La Union. They will return to the village of Tacadang for their fifth mission there and then visit the village of Les-eng. This is scheduled from June 9 to 16, 2011. Their purpose is to share their faith and build friendships with the Kankanaey people. They will be bringing Bibles, School supplies, Medicines, and the message of the love of Jesus.

Kibungan is known for its grand mountains, with deep ravines and cliffs separating barangays and sitios. It has an elevation of 2,500 meters above sea level. Les-eng Rice Terraces is one of its point of interest that can be reached after 6 hours of trekking in the lush pine forests of Kibungan.

About the Group:

Climbing for Christ Philippines is a chapter of Climbing for Christ International. Its mission is to take the Gospel to those visiting or living in mountainous areas of the world where the missionaries cannot or will not go.

What you can do to help:
Participants can donate bibles (English or Ilocano), school materials (Notebooks, Pencils, Cartolina, Pad Paper, Eraser, Ruler, etc...), sports and recreational equipment for the school (Basketball, Volleyball, Chessboard, Board games, etc...), bags of salt,
medicines & Health Supplements, new or old clothing. Financial donations are also accepted. Volunteer medical practitioners are also welcome. 

Itinerary: to be announced 

Pre-climb schedule:
to be announced 

For information: Ace 09064039249
Gerwin 09065032211
or e-mail: c4cphil@yahoo.com
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