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TREK Kasibu

A new school year has started and we know there are lots of students who would have to get by without a few essentials. We are happy there are a lot of other groups who are already trekking to schools delivering books and school supplies.

Our group Trails to Empower Kids will try to ease a bit the difficulties of our school children in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. We will visit Atan Elementary School on July 30, 2011.

Atan Elementary School is very remote and would require at least a three-hour trek from the road. There are 177 students in the day-care center and elementary school. The village has no electricity and is direly lacking not only on study materials but also on basic supplies.

Many students need to walk 2 hours each way every day to go to school. However, attendance drastically falls during the ber-months, as the muds make it very difficult for students to make their commute.

According to our team leader Jong Navarro, the purok head said we are the first mountaineers and first NGO that has visited them. They were very wary about the recon team being surveyors from mining companies that they’ve heard were able to trick other tribes using some token gifts to lower their guards.

If you would like to help, leave us a note at www.trailstoempowerkids.com.
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